Can I come in a cosplay outside the world of The Witcher? Do I have to tell you in advance?

You can come in whatever you want. However, bear in mind that cosplay from the world of The Witcher (or at least something medieval-looking) would be most suitable. Such a costume will help you fit in. If you want to attend the cosplay contest, however, we only accept Witcher-inspired costumes. You don’t have to register in advance if you’re not a contestant. We will be happy if you put on a costume, but you don’t have to make any special effort. Just bring it.

Will I be able to play Gwent outside the tournament?

Yes, there will be a table at the same place where the tournament will be held, i.e. in the upper hall. If you don’t know how to play Gwent, we’ll teach you.

I’ve got a small kid, can I bring it?

This is a responsibility of each parent. In general, we do not recommend attending the con with children under 8. If you think it’s a good idea to bring a child, though, it’s not a problem. Minors under 13 will be allowed in only when accompanied by an adult, but such a minor will be let in free of charge. Please bear in mind that the programme is not exactly meant for younger audience, so children can be bored.

Persons above 13 but under 18 without a parent or a legal guardian will have to bring a signed consent by a legal guardian!

I have a small dog and no one to look after them. They are really nice, can I bring it?

No, animals and pets are not allowed at the con. We are sorry, but we decided to ban all pets and animals for various good reasons.

I can’t see any lectures in the programme. Am I looking wrong?

You’re not, we really don’t do lectures – well, not those lectures you might know from other cons. We believe it is more meaningful to have a workshop or a live demonstration. It can be joined by a talk, but don’t expect a hall of people, a projector and hours-long boring speeches. Basically, we have just one “lecture” in the programme, but even that will be more like a live discussion with the audience.

I’m handicapped. Is the object barrier-free?

The object has several floors, there is gravel outside and the sleeping hall is located some 700 m away. If you are wheel-chair bound, you will need a personal assistant and bear in mind you probably won’t be able to enjoy the programme in the upper hall (3rd floor). There is no barrier-free access to the upper floors, but there are barrier-free toilets on the ground level. If you are prepared to attend despite perhaps not being able to enjoy the programme fully, we will gladly have you there. And we will help you should you need it. It would be best if you could tell us about your handicap in the form when purchasing the tickets or send this information in an additional email.

Will I be able to buy something you offer on your eshop obchod.gwint.cz?

We will have some things, but not all of them. If you want to be sure and know the price in advance, please make an order in the eshop and let us know in the comment that you want to collect the goods at Blavicon. We will prepare it and your order will be there for you to pick up.

I hesitate with purchasing a ticket. Will I be able to buy it at the event?

Tickets are designed to be sold during presale. That is why we have a higher price at the event, and it is also very likely that there will simply be no tickets left by then (or there will be very few of them). We therefore recommend purchasing your tickets in advance; you’ll be sure and you’ll save money at the same time.

I would like to arrange my own food at the con, for example buy it in the town. Is it possible?

We don’t force anyone to eat what we offer, so you can of course arrange your food according to your wishes and needs. However, we do ask of you: do not consume your own food inside the inn and in the upper hall. Inside the inn, it is a decency to consume only food from the inn. If you have some special dietary requirements or limitations, you can eat wherever you want. It is absolutely fine for a celiac to have their own food and consume it inside the inn.

Is there a place for me to leave my personal stuff?

There will be two such places, but both are common. Therefore, if you have any valuables (wallet, cell phone, etc.), have them on your person. You can leave clothes and stuff you don’t worry about in the sport hall (you will not have access to it during the day) or inside the Housův mlýn, where there will be an unguarded dressing room available.

Percival is a Polish band which plays music inspired by Vikings and Slavic traditions. Their repertoire consists of folk songs as well as their own tracks and brings the audience to early Middle Ages, to the world of our ancestors.

Above all, this is the band which was behind the recording of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt soundtrack.

Żywiołak comes from Poland and has a long musical history. They play songs of various genres, primarily in medieval-folk arrangement. Their texts are inspired by Slavic traditions. Folk elements combined with rougher tones make for a unique music mix.

Jeden kmen is a Czech project combining visual, theatrical and musical elements. You can be looking forward to dark music sung in orcish black speech. You're in for an unforgettable experience.

The Slovak band Strigoň began with playing cover versions of songs by Percival, but they have their own production today. They are greatly inspired by Slavic folk scene, Irish rhythms, medieval music and fantasy.

The band PerKelt plays so-called pagan speed folk, originally comes from Czechia, but now is an English band. Their main instruments are guitar, flute, drums and percussions. An integral part of their music is signing and speed dynamics of their songs. You can be looking forward not only to their concert on stage, but also to their performance in the inn every night!

A musical band of four members coming from the South Bohemian town of Tábor, playing historical music ranging from the 13th to the 16th century, i.e. Gothic and early Renaissance. They welcome you wherever there is a need for the rumbling drums, hooting horns, mighty tones of medieval bagpipes and pipes, squeaking hurdy-gurdy and vielle and the rhythmical attack of sistrum. The whole experience is enhanced by songs sung in original old, often long forgotten languages.

In their songs, the band Druga tells stories inspired by Czech legends and Slavic mythology. The name itself came from a free translation of the Old Slavonic word for “friendship”. The band uses this to express that music is about mutual sharing of human experiences and stories, whose essence does never changes, not even through the course of centuries, regardless of history or technological advances.

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