Physical Gwent

Blavicon 2019 will be hosting the 4th year of the nation-wide Gwent tournament. There will be 40 contestants, but only one of them can win. We invite all the visitors to support our contestants. If you want to put your skills to test against the best players in CR, you just need to sign up for the tournament in advance. If you have already purchased your tickets, but only now did it occur to you that you’d like to participate in the tournament, send us a message and we’ll register you additionally.

Schedule of the tournament

The contest will take place in three big parts divided into three days. It starts on Friday at 10 AM in the upper hall, where you will also collect your tournament items. On Friday, there will be the first and second parts: base groups and the round of 16. 8 groups of 5 people will be playing in a single round robin system. The best players from each group will then be decided. You’ll get two points for winning, one point for a draw and zero points for defeat. Two best players from each group will move on. In case of tied score in these seeds, the sum total of acquired game points from all 5 matches will be the deciding factor. You have to play with a different fraction in each game. After the evaluation of the base groups on Friday, there will be 8 pairs left. The round of 16 will start around 2 PM.

This will be played in bracket system. In the round of 16, the first seed from group A will be playing against the second seed from group B, and the second seed from group A will be playing against the first seed from group B. These matches will be played as best of three. Therefore, it is possible to play as much as three matches with a single opponent. Defeated players are eliminated; winners are going to the quarterfinals.

On Saturday, the quarterfinals and semifinals will be held. Quarterfinals are the battle of the top 8 players, which will be played in the same way as the round of 16. Therefore, we’ll have top 4 players left and these will be fighting for the title of the Gwent champion of the Czech Republic. The semifinals will decide which pair will go to the finals and which pair will fight for the bronze.

Sunday will offer tough matches of the best players. The finals will tell us who’s going to get the title of the champion of the Czech Republic. The whole tournament will surely be challenging; we recommend you to prepare for it well in all regards.

The grand prize will be worth over 10,000 CZK, so the stakes are high!

Tournament rules

  • before the match, each player will secretly choose their faction using provided tokens
  • after the factions have been revealed, players will prepare their decks; it is therefore possible to react to the other player’s fraction by preparing strategically chosen cards
  • only Gwint Klub decks will be allowed to play with (you cannot play with your own cards); there will be all 5 factions available for every player at the tournament, to be handed out against a refundable deposit of 800 CZK – you will be given these after registration, to be handed back in complete and undamaged condition at the end of the tournament
  • from the round of 16 onward, matches are played as best of three, meaning as much as three possible matches against a single opponent – during these matches, you can only use each faction only once
  • a toss coin before the match determines the player who decides which player begins
  • each player has their own character they are playing as and said character’s sheet for marking their score
  • a referee has to be summoned at the beginning of each match
  • players have a maximum of 5 minutes to prepare their decks
  • after the decks have been prepared, they are to be handed to the opponent for shuffling; after that, each player will draw their initial cards from their own deck
  • in case of a draw, both players lose a life
  • fair play is enforced, so if we catch anyone cheating, they will be eliminated from the tournament immediately

Please note: We have certain changes and modifications in comparison to the digital Gwent from The Witcher 3. Complete set of rules for this tournament can be downloaded here.

Online Gwent

Blavicon 2019 will host the 2nd nationwide tournament in the PC game Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. The tournament will be divided into two rounds. The first one will take place in the comfort of your own homes, the second one at Blavicon. The number of contestants for the first round, i.e. the online qualification, is not limited. However, you have to sign up using the platform and play the tournament in a single afternoon.

You can sign up for the tournament here:

General provisions:

  • Online qualification is played using the GOG Galaxy client and only on PC; PS4 and XBOX players are unfortunately not allowed to apply.
  • Each registered player has to go through the online qualification at first – nonattendance means disqualification.
  • Your name at has to match your in-game name.
  • An up-to-date version of the game is required.
  • If a player cannot invite their opponent or start a series with their opponent within the scheduled time, either because of technical difficulties or own tardiness, they will be disqualified.
  • A screenshot with the end-game results is required if you want to submit a protest against the reported match result.
  • A tie is counted as victory for both players.
  • If one of the players disconnects from the game because of technical difficulties/loss of connection, their opponent wins by default.


  • Communication between players is to be carried out primarily through the in-game chat or through the GOG Galaxy client’s chat.
  • Communication with the admins is possible through discussion at or via its private messages.

Online qualification:

  • The online qualification is open from Saturday 30th March 2019, 1 PM CEST.
  • The Swiss system is used.
  • Each series consists of two to three games against the same opponent (best of 3).
  • Each series lasts no more than 1 hour; players playing longer than that risk disqualification.
  • The top 8 players (or top 30 in case of big attendance) will go to the second round at Blavicon.
  • Gwent tracker / Gwent Up are ALLOWED.

Decks for online qualification:

  • You can play the qualification with any number of decks, but both players are limited to 2 heroes from different factions.
  • The format of the game is Conquest; you have to win with both heroes.
  • If a player wins with one faction, they cannot use it against the same opponent again.
  • If a player loses with one faction, they can either change it or continue playing with it.
  • Players play with open decks; players can change cards in their decks during games as long as they observe the rule of two heroes from different factions.

Tournament at Blavicon:

  • Only those players who have successfully gone through online qualification or have been given a wildcard can attend the tournament.
  • Each round consists of two to three games against the same opponent (best of 3).
  • If you lose a round, you are eliminated from the tournament (single elimination).
  • You can ban one faction of your opponent.
  • Gwent tracker / Gwent Up are FORBIDDEN.

Decks for the tournament at Blavicon:

  • You have to have at least three decks ready in advance.
  • You cannot use a deck from a faction banned by your opponent.
  • You can play the tournament with any number of decks, but both players are limited to 2 heroes from different factions.
  • The format of the game is Conquest; you have to win with both heroes.
  • If a player wins with one faction, they cannot use it against the same opponent again.
  • If a player loses with one faction, they can either change it or continue playing with it.
  • Players play with open decks; players can change cards in their decks during the tournament as long as they observe the rule of two heroes from different factions.

Percival is a Polish band which plays music inspired by Vikings and Slavic traditions. Their repertoire consists of folk songs as well as their own tracks and brings the audience to early Middle Ages, to the world of our ancestors.

Above all, this is the band which was behind the recording of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt soundtrack.

Żywiołak comes from Poland and has a long musical history. They play songs of various genres, primarily in medieval-folk arrangement. Their texts are inspired by Slavic traditions. Folk elements combined with rougher tones make for a unique music mix.

Jeden kmen is a Czech project combining visual, theatrical and musical elements. You can be looking forward to dark music sung in orcish black speech. You're in for an unforgettable experience.

The Slovak band Strigoň began with playing cover versions of songs by Percival, but they have their own production today. They are greatly inspired by Slavic folk scene, Irish rhythms, medieval music and fantasy.

The band PerKelt plays so-called pagan speed folk, originally comes from Czechia, but now is an English band. Their main instruments are guitar, flute, drums and percussions. An integral part of their music is signing and speed dynamics of their songs. You can be looking forward not only to their concert on stage, but also to their performance in the inn every night!

A musical band of four members coming from the South Bohemian town of Tábor, playing historical music ranging from the 13th to the 16th century, i.e. Gothic and early Renaissance. They welcome you wherever there is a need for the rumbling drums, hooting horns, mighty tones of medieval bagpipes and pipes, squeaking hurdy-gurdy and vielle and the rhythmical attack of sistrum. The whole experience is enhanced by songs sung in original old, often long forgotten languages.

In their songs, the band Druga tells stories inspired by Czech legends and Slavic mythology. The name itself came from a free translation of the Old Slavonic word for “friendship”. The band uses this to express that music is about mutual sharing of human experiences and stories, whose essence does never changes, not even through the course of centuries, regardless of history or technological advances.

Said about us

Crach an Craite

"It is time to decide the fate of the whole Skellige! And kick some Nilfgaardians while we’re at it…"

Crach an Craite
Birna Bran

"I’ve heard Blavicon can be a royal massacre. I can’t miss it for the world."

Birna Bran

"I will try to unite the whole Skellige. But I’ll be sure to keep an eye on mead every now and then."

Madman Lugos

"In the mornings, there is said to be a lotta people with blue faces. I’m almost afraid I won’t be able to tell my son apart."

Madman Lugos

"Balance is the most important thing of all. And that means the right ratio of mead to blood in your veins."


"Come to Blavicon, they said… It will be fun, they said… It was alright, but I’m still kind of dead since last time."

Hjalmar an Craite

"The best cure for morning hangover is fighting an ice giant. Mead is still plenty, but ice giants… not so much."

Hjalmar an Craite
Ice Giant

"Me go too. Undvik boring. Blavicon many peoples me smash."

Ice Giant
Holger Blackhand

"Whatcha can’t eat, drink or rape, that you gotta snuff!"

Holger Blackhand
Anna Henrietta

"Blavicon was exquisite! Excellent wine, great food, music and dancing! Lovely! I just happened to kind of lose my head in all the commotion."

Anna Henrietta

"Round for everyone! Heeeeeeej!"


"Just don’t go throwing any mushrooms in our mead."


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