We are all humans and can do mistakes. In an ideal world, there would be no need for similar rules, and we sincerely hope we won’t have to enforce them – but still, every visitor should read and acknowledge their have to:

Get familiar with the rules of attendance

By purchasing a ticket, every visitor understands and agrees to follow the rules of attendance and acknowledges that serious or repeated offence may result in being expelled with no right to claim a refund of the ticket. The organizers are not responsible for property damages or injuries of visitors, especially when caused by not adhering to the rules of attendance and safety.

Follow the organizers’ instructions

The organizers’ commands must be followed. It is not possible to act at will and defy the instructions. Results may be unpleasant, including being expelled from the event with no right to claim a refund.

Follow safety and fire safety instructions

Smoking is allowed only outside and only at designated places. There will be many hazards in the area which can lead to physical injury. Act responsibly and safely – with yourself and others in mind. Open fires are strictly forbidden in all the area (except for the performers and individual exceptions), weapons are also not allowed. By a weapon, in this sense, we understand historical swords, daggers etc. as well. If you have a weapon as a part of your costume, you are required to use it only so, which means you cannot draw it and you cannot endanger your surroundings. It is still advisable to notify the organizers in advance that you intend to bring such a weapon. For any potential property damage or physical injury suffered by the event visitors or the organizers, the person who caused this damage is responsible.

Follow the laws of CR and not use drugs

In all regards. The drug ban includes marihuana as well. The only exception is alcohol and cigarettes.

Dress code
We’re introducing a dress code. Specifically, we allow any civil clothing and any Witcher or medieval costume. This is because of the atmosphere, photographs and videos. If you’re not sure your costume meets our criteria, send us an e-mail and we’ll sort it out with you.

No blowing horns
We are forbidding blowing horns and similar instruments. Horns are to be used for programme purposes exclusively.

Do not take pets and animals

All pets and animals are banned from the event. This includes dogs, cats, etc.

Do not consume own food and drinks

It is forbidden in the entire indoor area of the object to consume own food or drinks. This is allowed in the outside area. Regardless, we’d appreciate if you used our offer and were happy with what we prepared for you.

Do not re-sell your ticket

Tickets will be checked against your ID. This means that if someone arrives with a ticket but won’t be on our list, they will be denied entry. Furthermore the person who re-sold their ticket without our knowledge will be punished by being banned from Blavicon for life. Each ticket can be transferred only once and only with our help. The price of the ticket during transfer will be the same as during purchase. This rule should protect both the buyer and the seller and prevent tickets from being sold by resellers.

Have your ticket (band) on your hand at all times

You have to actively show it to the organizers. In case of loss, spare band is not provided. Torn off bands will be dealt with individually with the organizers.

Do not harass your surroundings

For the entire duration of the event, respect other participants and keep the con area clean. There will be food and drinks at the event, including alcoholic beverages. Alcohol will never be handed to minors under any circumstances. The organizers reserve the right to ban inebriated individuals who harass or endanger their surroundings for a time period decided by the organizers, with no right to claim a refund.

Follow common rules of society

Behave well towards the organizers and other visitors alike, take care of your personal hygiene, do not litter. If nature calls and you need to relieve yourself, you are allowed to use toilets only for this purpose.

Children under 18 years of age are required to have their parents’ consent or be accompanied by an adult

You can download the consent of your parents or legal guardians with your attendance at the Blavicon event HERE.

Observe peace and quiet at night

After 10 PM, it is forbidden to behave loudly outside the inner area of the Housův mlýn building. Observe quiet in sleeping rooms. After all, we all need a good night’s sleep when the opportunity arises.

The organizer

Gwint Klub, z. s.
Prokopa Velikého 118
282 01 Český Brod
ID (Reg.) No: 055 50 301
file sign L 66935 registered by the Municipal Court in Prague

bank account: 2801133574 / 2010 (Fio banka, a. s.)
phone: 736 249 946
club’s president: Jaroslav Hor


Percival is a Polish band which plays music inspired by Vikings and Slavic traditions. Their repertoire consists of folk songs as well as their own tracks and brings the audience to early Middle Ages, to the world of our ancestors.

Above all, this is the band which was behind the recording of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt soundtrack.

Żywiołak comes from Poland and has a long musical history. They play songs of various genres, primarily in medieval-folk arrangement. Their texts are inspired by Slavic traditions. Folk elements combined with rougher tones make for a unique music mix.

Jeden kmen is a Czech project combining visual, theatrical and musical elements. You can be looking forward to dark music sung in orcish black speech. You're in for an unforgettable experience.

The Slovak band Strigoň began with playing cover versions of songs by Percival, but they have their own production today. They are greatly inspired by Slavic folk scene, Irish rhythms, medieval music and fantasy.

The band PerKelt plays so-called pagan speed folk, originally comes from Czechia, but now is an English band. Their main instruments are guitar, flute, drums and percussions. An integral part of their music is signing and speed dynamics of their songs. You can be looking forward not only to their concert on stage, but also to their performance in the inn every night!

A musical band of four members coming from the South Bohemian town of Tábor, playing historical music ranging from the 13th to the 16th century, i.e. Gothic and early Renaissance. They welcome you wherever there is a need for the rumbling drums, hooting horns, mighty tones of medieval bagpipes and pipes, squeaking hurdy-gurdy and vielle and the rhythmical attack of sistrum. The whole experience is enhanced by songs sung in original old, often long forgotten languages.

In their songs, the band Druga tells stories inspired by Czech legends and Slavic mythology. The name itself came from a free translation of the Old Slavonic word for “friendship”. The band uses this to express that music is about mutual sharing of human experiences and stories, whose essence does never changes, not even through the course of centuries, regardless of history or technological advances.

Said about us

Crach an Craite

"It is time to decide the fate of the whole Skellige! And kick some Nilfgaardians while we’re at it…"

Crach an Craite
Birna Bran

"I’ve heard Blavicon can be a royal massacre. I can’t miss it for the world."

Birna Bran

"I will try to unite the whole Skellige. But I’ll be sure to keep an eye on mead every now and then."

Madman Lugos

"In the mornings, there is said to be a lotta people with blue faces. I’m almost afraid I won’t be able to tell my son apart."

Madman Lugos

"Balance is the most important thing of all. And that means the right ratio of mead to blood in your veins."


"Come to Blavicon, they said… It will be fun, they said… It was alright, but I’m still kind of dead since last time."

Hjalmar an Craite

"The best cure for morning hangover is fighting an ice giant. Mead is still plenty, but ice giants… not so much."

Hjalmar an Craite
Ice Giant

"Me go too. Undvik boring. Blavicon many peoples me smash."

Ice Giant
Holger Blackhand

"Whatcha can’t eat, drink or rape, that you gotta snuff!"

Holger Blackhand
Anna Henrietta

"Blavicon was exquisite! Excellent wine, great food, music and dancing! Lovely! I just happened to kind of lose my head in all the commotion."

Anna Henrietta

"Round for everyone! Heeeeeeej!"


"Just don’t go throwing any mushrooms in our mead."


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