A con inspired by Middle Ages and The Witcher

8-11. 9. 2022 in Housův mlýn in Tábor


About the object

The whole con will take place at the Housův mlýn area in Tábor. The atmosphere of the town will be highlighted by the medieval character of the building, which is located in a small valley below the town centre’s ramparts. It offers a big inn divided into three individual halls, providing sufficient space both indoors and outdoors, and a nearby meadow for tents and parking. For more information on the place see the object’s website.

Location and parking

There is no parking in the object, but some 100 m from the event, just over the stream, there is a parking lot for approximately 50 cars. Other parking options are anywhere in the town, based on the conditions specified on parking metres. There is another parking lot by the sports hall, where you can sleep over, with a capacity of over 100 cars.

There are many navigation signs leading to Housův mlýn in the town. You can travel to Tábor by train or bus. Use the map below to find your route.

Sleep over options

We offer our visitor several sleep over options. It is not possible to sleep directly in the object. There are no showers either, these are only in the sports hall.

1. Accommodation in the sports hall

We offer all the visitors of Blavicon 2018 the option to sleep over in the KVAPILOVA sports hall (Kvapilova 2419). You can sleep on the ground in a heated hall. The facility is equipped with showers and toilets. The accommodation is included in the price of the whole-con ticket and there will be no additional charges. The capacity is sufficient to cover the needs of all the visitors. You do however need to bear in mind that this is a common space, offering limited comfort because of the noise and disturbance by others. In the morning and evening, the showers will be available for visitors who sleep elsewhere as well.

2. Accommodation in your own tent on our meadow

It is possible to sleep over in your own tent on our meadow directly in the con area. This form of sleeping over is comfortable when it comes to noise and disturbance by others, but you do need to account for the really cold nights. We do not recommend this option if you don’t have a good sleeping bag and clothing.

3. Private accommodation

We recommend a form of shared accommodation, for example using http://airbnb.com/. By all means, this option is the best when it comes to comfort, but it is in no way included in the price of the ticket, so this option will be the most expensive as well.

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