A con inspired by Middle Ages and The Witcher

8-11. 9. 2022 in Housův mlýn in Tábor

Blavicon 2022 tickets

Ticket information

Online tickets selling is over but you still can buy ticket at the Blavicon personally!

Tickets are divided into several categories:
VIP whole-con ticket for 220 EUR SOLD OUT
– whole-con ticket for 64 EUR
– one-day ticket for Thursday, September 8, for 18 EUR
– one-day ticket for Friday, September 9, for 27 EUR
– one-day ticket for Saturday, September 10, for 37 EUR
– one-day ticket for Sunday, September 11, for free (Sunday tickets are not sold separately. You get free entrance for Sunday with any other purchased ticket. Entrance on Sunday witout a ticket is not allowed.)

Children under 18 years of age have to bring a filled-in parental consent (download here).

Children under 13 years of age have to be accompanied by parents, legal guardians or other authorized persons over 18 years of age. Children under 13 years of age have free entry.

A whole-con ticket includes entrance to the con for the whole time, all the concerts and sleepover in a tent (+6 EUR a tent for the whole festival) or in the sport hall (free of charge).

A one-day ticket is valid only for the given day from 7 AM until 10 PM; one-day ticket holders will not be allowed entry to the inside premises. You can sleep in a tent (+6 EUR a tent for the whole festival) or the sport hall (free of charge)

The VIP ticket includes everything the whole-cone does. Furthermore, you will have the option to sign up for workshops and lectures to get a reserved spot. At a bar, you are always first served, so you can jump the queue. There will be a special programme prepared for you. You will get a merchandise package worth over 40 EUR. You will be able to choose the colour, size and theme of your T-shirt. You will get special merch exclusive for VIP (original Blavicon card game, in which you will be trying to enjoy the festival as much as possible, and also to remember it as much as possible). You will always have a reserved table in the inn. During the day, there will be free refreshment for you (water, coffee, tea). You can take a shower at Housův mlýn. There will be a parking spot reserved for you. We will be spoiling you. And you will contribute to a good cuase – to Blavicon!

Every ticket name-bound, and its holder will have to identify themselves with an ID. You don’t need a physical ticket or any other information. Each ticket can be transferred ONCE to someone else. However, such a transfer may only happen via e-mail with us. Tickets bought without our knowledge and without the transfer to your name are not valid! Thanks to the transfer, you will never pay more for your ticket than it actually costs. Resale of tickets for a higher price is punished by us!

You can buy tickets only online through this site. This year, we dont have any physical tickets. You don’t need a physical ticket to visit Blavicon! After having purchased your tickets, you will be issued a special check code. We will use it only when we won’t be able to verify your ticket ownership. So, you don’t have to print it out or memorize it.

Can’t go? Want to sell your ticket? Then you’ll be interested in TICKET TRANSFER.

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