Blavicon 2020 cancelled

After a long and hard pondering of the options, it is with a heavy heart that we tell you this year’s Blavicon is COMPLETELY CANCELLED. We are sorry, but there will be no alternative date. The worst, however, are the damages caused to us by the whole coronavirus situation. Unfortunately, these are totally liquidating for us, forcing us into a very bad position. We are not talking just about cancelling this year’s festival, but ceasing all activities of Gwint Klub, the event’s organizer – this means all club meetings, club events, Blavicon, etc. Other activities such as Blavburg or the cinematic Witcher Stories are gravely endangered as well.

Insurance companies will not help us in this case. The government might, but this is very uncertain – the question is why, how much and if at all. The reasons for these damages are twofold. Firstly, we’re talking about already produced printed materials, merchandise, props, and costumes for our story. Secondly, there are already paid advance payments (in part or in full) for guests, bands, etc. Not everyone will be returning this money; it all comes down to individual contracts. Income from sold tickets alone is not enough to cover all our costs – we rely on selling merchandise on the spot as well as food and drinks, but this income will not happen, and we have to refund the tickets. Obviously, we will not receive gifts from sponsors, either, since the event has been cancelled.

We understand that the current situation is uncertain, but we will really appreciate it if you decide you don’t want to refund your ticket – or at least won’t rush to do it. Time is what we need now. Time and money, because that’s the only thing which can save Blavicon.

So, what can you do if you want to help?

  1. Do not insist on refunding your Blavicon ticket.
  2. If you do insist, please do not request your money straight away.
  3. Send us a financial contribution. We will launch a campaign on hithit.cz next week.

We’ve launched an automated system for you (blavicon.cz/en/profile/, first you need a registered email, it won’t be created automatically by purchasing your ticket), where you can declare your interest in refunding or not refunding your Blavicon ticket. You can also select an option to refund your ticket only partially. Of course, you will help us the most if you decide you will not want to refund your ticket at all. If you do need the money, you can at least help us by not wanting the money now and giving us more time to send it to you.

After logging in on our website (blavicon.cz/en/profile), you will see all the tickets bound to your email. You can select your choice to refund or not to refund for each ticket individually. We would really appreciate it if you could fill in this form as soon as possible.

If you decide to cede the money to Blavicon, you will get a specific reward based on the non-refunded amount. The reward can be electronical (such as desktop and mobile background), but we’re talking about reserving you a ticket for the next Blavicon as well. You will see information about rewards during your decision making.

Should you want to help us even further, you will be able to next week. That is, we will try to acquire the remaining money through hithit.cz in a crowd-sourcing campaign called “Save Blavicon!” You can look forward to interesting rewards and merchandise from this year’s cancelled Blavicon.

We are preparing more ways of support and will tell you everything next week. Financial help is one thing, but sharing and spreading this idea of saving Blavicon among your friends is also important. The more people engage in this support, the smaller amount of money is going to be needed from each individual!